bali adventure tours
Duration: two days
Location: Nusa Penida Island
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Our Nusa Penida Tour leaves with minimum three people on board.  Included in the price are travel insurance, breakfast, dinner, fast boat ticket, snorkeling sets, and pick up from Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak. Three fun adventure activities covered in this tour are:

  • Chillaxing in natural pool

  • Camping by Atuh Beach

  • Snorkeling

Signing up for Nusa Penida adventure means you’re hip and different than other globetrotters because, in this tour, we’ll strip everything to a bare minimum. Hold that thought and plan of yours for Nusa Lembongan or the three Gili islands in Lombok! Here are three reasons why NEWbali team reckons this would be one of the coolest things you’ll ever do in your entire life. Nusa Penida is arguably the most underrated island in the entire Bali and the good news is — it is still pretty much untouched in all its wilderness.

Chillaxing in Natural Pool

NEWbali managed to discover a natural pool so deep and well-nestled in the heart of Nusa Penida — so hidden we think only a few people have been here before. Natural pool with cold refreshing water and size as big as jacuzzi, overlooking the raging stormy waves of The Indian Ocean is the playground here.  We can almost guarantee you wouldn’t want to leave this place once you’ve got here. Hands down, the most beautiful place in the entire Bali archipelago! A magnificent feast to the eye and perfect nourishment to the soul! Gather stamina, rest well before the day and you should be fine walking down and climbing steep stairs that are worthy of the treat!

Camping by the Secluded Beach

Not a lot of people get to do what we do as we’ll camp by the secret beach and sleep under billions of stars. Yeah, that’s what NEWbali does best; taking you to undergo a tour to the different sides of Bali. While people sleep comfortably on a bed with fluffy pillows in a nice hotel or villa, we’ll do it more awesomely like those cowboys; building tents and making campfire by Atuh Beach. So throw that image of glamping (glamorous camping) out of the window! Let’s open that vodka bottle of yours, strum the guitar and kiss the night away as we count our blessings in life and gaze at the stars; our past, our history, and how far we’ve come to where we are as human beings on this Planet Earth!


Ride on a scooter with us or on your own and we’ll venture out to a great snorkeling site near the harbor. You’ll be greeted with some of the most awe-striking colors tropical fish and soft corals in this part of the world. As we cruise along the coastline, you’ll encounter patches of seaweeds attached to a series of intertwined wires where they grow in abundance before harvested and sun-dried on the beach. Seaweeds are high in nutrition and taste so effing yummy. Oh, we just can’t wait to host you, buddy!