bali adventure tours
Duration: 10 hours
Location: East Bali
Price: USD 69

Tour leaves with minimum two people on board. Included in the are travel insurance, snorkeling sets, lunch, and pick from Ubud, Kuta, and Seminyak.

Snorkeling in Amed

If you have a short stay in Bali and want to explore the abundance of marine life that is still within close proximity from the south area and center of Ubud, why not choose one of our adventure tours to Amed in the easternmost tip of the island? Amed became more exposed in the early 2000’s due to the rapid development of tourism and diving industry in Karang Asem region. Before that, Amed was merely a long coastal stretch of small fishing villages with gray sandy beaches.

Two amazing snorkel sites at Lipah Bay await us; the site is everybody’s favorite, Japanese Shipwreck while the one at Pondok Vienna Beach is home to this whopping huge soft coral sitting beautifully right in the middle of the snorkeling area, serving as a playground to thousands of colorful reef fish. So pack your goggle, fins, and snorkel, and rediscover the true meaning of underwater in the paradise of Amed!