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“Can’t say how thankful we were to NEWbali for making our trip to Bali amazing!!! Martin was so quick to respond to my emails and helped coordinate our itinerary. If you have time to go to Nusa Penida you have to go! This was probably my favorite part of the trip. The island barely has any tourists, we were maybe 2 of 20. Without their help, we would have really missed out on seeing how amazing and beautiful Bali is. As you can see all the reviews are 5 stars! You won’t be disappointed, you must book through them. Best trip ever!”

Stacy Sillerico (Florida, USA)

“I have always been the guy who had to do it all himself but after letting Eric and Martin help in Bali I realized that I was able to relax and enjoy myself more instead of having to worry about the details about transportation and dealing with multiple bookings and worrying about being on time or if we were getting ripped off. I have traveled all over the world and never have I come across a company that has such great commitment to quality and that has such purpose with what they are doing. They treat you like family and are very concerned about making your trip as great as it can be.”

Chris Vu (Florida, USA)

“It is the best snorkeling trip I’ve had so far in Bali. Plentiful of sealife, the wreck ship is a must see. My advise is if you want see Bali from a new point of view, New Bali is the place that does that.”

Eric Leong (Ipoh, Malaysia)

“NEWbali was able to arrange everything for prices that were better than what was quoted over the phone or found online for the same activities and those prices did not always include the driver and a meal.”

Paul (Georgia, USA)

“Everything exceeded my expectations. The food was wonderful and the accommodations were unbelievable. NEWbali really made us feel welcomed and were accommodating to all our questions/needs.”

Kim Cao (California, USA)

“No matter which part of Bali you are heading to, NEWbali is never stingy to share information.”

Rabiah T (Singapore)

“You can’t beat the price. Everything was taken care of, we didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Kristela Andin (California, USA)

“Thanks a lot NEWbali for your kindness, your friendship and all these magical moments you shared with us.”

Van B (Lyon, France)

“We had a moment while we were driving along the roads and singing to Jason Mraz, where I realized that this was truly one of the best trips I’d ever been on.”

Jasmin Suayan (California, USA)

“Usually I plan my trip myself, never trust any guides or agencies. This time we risked and blindly followed NEWbali. And believe me, that was the best choice we did.”

Svetlana (Lyon, France)

“The quality of NEWbali is much higher than I was expecting (after a disappointing experience with other Bali tours). With NEWBali, you are in safe hands.”

Christophe D (Brussel, Belgium)

“Spent the whole day with Martin and Eric who were really more like friends, but still very professional. Trip was well-planned, didn’t have to worry about a thing once we started.”

Sherrie Garcia (Manila, Philippines)

“Eric was friendly, personable, and had a high level of cross-cultural understanding, making the day feel as if we were exploring someplace new with a long lost friend.”

Nathan Keltner (Beijing, China)