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Say hello to the team

Martin Tirta
Founder, Co-Owner

Martin is the founder and original conceptor of the company. He said goodbye to his city life in Jakarta and moved to Bali because let’s just say blending in with the metropolitan lifestyle isn’t his most favorite thing on Earth. Martin knows no boundary when it comes to discovering beautiful secluded spots in Bali. You can always find him on his yellow bumble-bee motorbike cruising the island and making new friends with just everyone he’s met on the road. In his free time, he enjoys being in the nature and free-diving is his favorite activity because it helps calm his mind. Follow him on Instagram @martintirta.

Patricia Darmanto
Co-Owner, Operations Manager

Patty (short for Patricia) was a former professional banker in Jakarta who’s completely obsessed with the ocean — above and under the water. She likes to sit down by the one of the coast lines on the island for hours and just watch the sun go down in all its glory. Being a solitude addict too, she finds comfort in gazing stars in beautiful spots and simply breathes in what mother nature has to offer. When asked about her most fulfilling travel experience, Patty reflected on her solo 3 months backpacking trip in Bali and Flores, and the time when she hit the road with her two cousins in South Africa. Follow her on Instagram @patriciavdarmanto.

Eric Leonardi
Co-Owner, Marketing Manager

Born in Medan, North Sumatera, Eric shares passion for streetfood and quite frankly, it is the main driver behind most of his travels. Ask him anything and within 10 minutes chat, he’ll lead you (back) to food subject. Scuba-diving and seeing the big fish like manta rays, barracuda storm, and hammerheads will definitely get him dancing and wiggling his tail underwater. He’s also an avid fan of science-fiction and romantic comedy films. Follow his light-hearted (sometimes non-sense) tweets on twitter @erikssonvagen.

Imanuel Joseph
Travel Host

His name is Iman and his hair is surely curly. Due to his massive passion for nature and outdoor activities, Iman decided to move from Jakarta to Bali to start a new life. And here he is — hosting trips and doing photography projects. You can also find Iman riding waves and tides around the beaches in Canggu and Kuta on the weekend. When time allows, he travels solo to places that inspire him. Do check out his Instagram account @imanueljoseph to discover the world through his lenses!

Munding Margono
Travel Host

Meet the super funny Momon! At the age of 13, he has conquered Mount Agung, the highest mountain here in Bali. Although climbing isn’t really his cup of tea, Momon has managed to climb 10 peaks in Indonesia and Malaysia combined. He also spent 10 years learning and performing as a flying trapeze artist. Instinct is his GPS, and yet he still got lost in the bushes; but that is his way of finding himself, he says. He’s not really into photography and videography, but you may find his works in some of the finest travel magazines and networks in the region.

Yohana Winanti
Travel Host

Growing up on a hill in a small village has made Wina love nature more than anything. Watching the sunrise over the mountain and sunset by the coastlines are her favorite things to do. She also gets a kick out of riding her motorbike, just traveling around and snapping a photo or two. Wina moved from her hometown in Yogyakarta to Bali about 3 years ago and since then, she never stops exploring the island and its surrounding areas. She’s probably the only woman who has reached all 9 summits in Bali. Wowza doesn’t even describe the sum of her total awesomeness.

Leo Kristian
Logistics Manager

Say hi to Leo, the guy behind all the comfort and ambiance you experience in our exciting trips! He’ll advice you on what to bring and what to expect on D-Day. Originally from East Java, he moved to Bali a year ago to live his dream life surrounded by beautiful beaches. Scootering around the island and beach hopping with his family are one of his favorite things to do when no occupied with work. Leo is a man of few words, so be ready for his punch lines as soon as he opens his mouth.

I Wayan Suwendra

Wayan loves giving a big hug to his friends and customers. He’s one of the friendliest and most honest people we’ve come across on the island. His lack of proficiency in English is not hindering his eagerness and sense of hospitality to show you what Bali has to offer. He’s familiar with the streets and alleys to all the hip and current cafés and restaurants in Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud. Just mention your destination and he’ll take you there without any help from the GPS. Yes, he is that awesome! Afterall, he’s been working as a driver for almost 20 years now. Get Wayan and you’re in for a fantastic ride!

Stephen Suryadi

If there’s one word that hollers Steven perfectly, it is road trip! The guy likes to travel across cities, rivers, and lakes in search of wilderness and adventure. Wherever there’s space, there’s Steven. He drives his mini-van from Bali all the way to Central Java to return home to his family whenever he can. Getting on a plane might be fast, but where would be the major fun in that, he chuckles. He might carry a deep heavy husky voice but he’s just the simplest kindest down-to-earth guy you could ever find in Bali. Steven rarely eats out as he prefers to be busy in the kitchen and prepare his own food and juices.

Wayan Darmawan
Local Guide

Wayan is a proud resident of Nusa Penida and because of this, he knows all the courses and secret sites around the island like the back of his palm. During the low seasons, Wayan is often seen sitting down by the main road not far from the port, strumming his guitar and singing with his happy chaps and mates; kissing the night away. He’s so laid-back everybody wants to be him or just be with him. You’ll be surprised to learn that he actually weaves baskets for fun too. Wayan lights up the whole room as soon as words come out of his mouth. Just cast your eyes on his thousand megawatt smile!

Gede Tigor
Local Guide

One of the most amazing things about Gede is his natural ability to memorize almost every single name of the plant in the wild. He knows which one is the coffee bean tree, which berry carries the sweetest taste, why the buffaloes are farmers’ greatest assets, which patch of soil and stone to stand on for balance. Yeah, he’s that environmental type of guy you’d want to stick with for survival purposes. Gede enjoys chillaxing at the waterfalls in his village in Sekumpul. He’s also a true gentleman who isn’t shy to carry a handbag just to ease his girl friend’s burden while trekking.